Chuck Leaver is today the CEO of a company called Ziften

Posted by Admin | October 26th, 2013

Chuck Leaver‘s first job in the high tech industry was as an entry level employee at a company called DA/EE. This would be the start of a career in the high tech industry that has, thus far, lasted for more than thirty years. Chuck Leaver worked his way up through the ranks at DA/EE and would eventually become the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company. Chuck Leaver is today the CEO of a company called Ziften that provides clients with access to high quality software solutions. Leaver had previously worked as a partner at a venture capital firm based out of Austin, Texas.

Chuck Leaver is a veteran businessman

Posted by Admin | September 20th, 2013

Chuck Leaver is a veteran businessman, having been involved in the high tech industry in some form or fashion since 1982. He has years of experience to lean upon when he is making senior level leadership decisions, as he so often does. Chuck Leaver is the CEO of Ziften, which is a company that specializes in providing high tech software solutions for their clients. Chuck Leaver is also the former Chairman of Ziften’s Board of Directors, so he has a thorough knowledge of the business across the board. He has held a number of senior leadership positions in different companies over time.

Chuck Leaver is the Chief Executive Officer of Ziften

Posted by Admin | August 27th, 2013

Chuck Leaver is the CEO, or Chief Executive Officer, of Ziften. This is a company that provides high tech software solutions. Previously, Chuck Leaver had served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for that company, too. But before working for Ziften, which is a high-tech software solutions company, Chuck Leaver was working with a venture capital firm. He was a partner at this Austin, Texas-based firm, named Trellis Partners. Chuck Leaver was a highly respected and productive member of the team at Trellis Partners. There, as at Ziften, he brought a lot to the table. As the CEO of Ziften, Chuck Leaver brings to bear a good deal of experience. This is due to his three decades of previous entrepreneurial experience and success. He has worked in in the mobile, media, and high tech industries previously as a senior executive or as an advisor.

Chuck Leaver’s career in the business world really took hold in 1982. This means that he has many years of experience to lean on. He is very experienced in the fields of sales and management. This includes knowledge of infrastructure technologies, application software, E-Learning, ERP, gaming, and web application development. Chuck Leaver entered DA/EE as an entry-level employee, but would eventually climb his way through the ranks of their leadership and assume the role of Chief Executive Officer. He took on increasing responsibilities for the revenue growth and strategic development, which led to him driving DA/EE’s public offering up to a $750 million market cap.